St. Patrick's Primary School, 8 Gortahar Road, Rasharkin, County Antrim BT44 8SB,


St. Patrick’s P.S. and Nursery Unit Rasharkin

...make me glad to have known and met you

Primary 4


Primary 3/4 in Rasharkin will be working alongside Primary 4 in St. Patrick’s on the effective use of iPads. Neither of these classes of children have worked together before as part of Shared Education.  Children will have a series of 9 lessons with Nerve Centre, Derry to develop their iPad skills.  They will be learning how to use the iPad to take videos, record sounds and images.  Our hope is that this bond will continue next year and lead to a joint ‘History of Rasharkin’ eBook being completed that can be added to school websites.

Day 5 - RPS

1940 Song and Dance

Today the boys and girls were learning 1940 war time songs and a few dances to preform at their WW2 Tea Dance in May.

Day 4 - RPS

Green Screen

The children began to create their films using Green Screen.  This projects their image onto a background.

Day 3 - RPS

Film Skills - Shot types


Children learned about the different shots that are used in filming and created their own mini movie using these shots.

Day 2 - SPPS

Storyboards Now v Then

Children were given a topic - transport, clothing, food, jobs, family life or homes.  After researching these from 1940, they had to create a storyboard to show their film ideas.  They then used the Comic Life app to bring their story to life.

Day 1 - RPS

Let's get to know each other!

The boys and girls met for the first time.  They made names badges, played Class Bingo and then created wonderful fact files using Pic Collage on a pupil from Rasharkin Primary.